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Used by 5000+ awesome folks
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Features You’ll Love

Unlock your creativity on any website and test your ideas effortlessly in a few clicks with SuperDev Pro.

CSS Inspector

Inspect or edit the CSS properties of a website with autocomplete, and save, copy, or export changes.

Live Text Editor

Edit the text of a website on the fly in a few clicks and undo changes in case of a mistake.

Fonts Changer

Experiment with 1100+ Google and local fonts on a website, and save, copy, or export changes.

List All Fonts

Identify all fonts used on a website with their sizes, weights, and how they look, and copy or export all data.

Color Picker

Pick colors from a website at pixel level and copy or export them in HEX, RGB, or HSL color format.

Color Palette

Discover all colors used on a website and copy or export them in HEX, RGB, or HSL color format.

Move Element

Move different website elements in a few clicks and undo changes in case of a mistake.

Delete Element

Delete or hide website elements in a few clicks and undo changes in case of a mistake.

Export Element

Export your favorite element from a website to CodePen or an HTML file in a single click.

Extract Images

Extract all kinds of images from a website in a single click and export them at once or individually.

Page Ruler

Measure distances between everything you see on a website in real-time; works like magic everywhere.

Page Outliner

Outline entire website or an HTML tag with red, green, blue, or randomly generated colors.

Image Replacer

Replace website images with local images from your device and undo changes in case of a mistake.

Take Screenshot

Capture visible area, custom area, or full page screenshot of a website in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format.

Easily Inspect or Edit CSS

Want to inspect or edit a website without leaving your browser? Easily do that right within the browser.

Edit Text in Real-time

Need to edit text on a website in real-time? Edit it on the fly as if you’re typing in a doc, easy peasy!

Switch Fonts in a Blink

Fonts not feeling right? Switch between 1100+ Google and local fonts, and see your website transform in a few clicks!

Instant Font Detection

Curious about what fonts are used on a website? Instantly list every used font, their sizes, weights, and how they look.

Precise Color Selection

Spotted a color on a website and wished you could use it? Grab those colors now, even from images and videos.

Unveil Color Palettes

Want to copy a website’s color palette? Unveil all those colors in a click. Create your color masterpiece today.

Move Elements with Ease

Rearrange elements like puzzle pieces! Drag and drop them to new positions and see your ideas come to life.

Delete or Hide Elements

Cluttered website? Remove or hide any element in a click! Made a mistake? No worries, just undo it.

Export Favorite Elements

Want to copy an element from a website that isn’t yours? Export it in a click to CodePen or an HTML file.

Extract Images in a Click

Need images from a website that isn’t yours? Extract them in a click and export them individually or all at once.

Measure with Precision

Need precise measurements on a website? Get pixel-perfect measurements anywhere on the webpage.

Visualize HTML Structure

Want to see a website’s structure? Easily outline the entire website or specific HTML tags with RGB or random colors.

Quick Image Replacement

Want to quickly test local images on a website? Replace website images with your own in a few clicks.

Screenshots in a Snap

Need a quick screenshot? Capture visible area, custom area, or full page screenshots in PNG, JPEG, or PDF format.

Used by Thousands

SuperDev Pro is used by 5000+ awesome folks around the world to deliver world-class websites. See what they have to say.

Love this tool

Love this tool! As a developer, I must have tried it and it is awesome.

Martin Moravek
Founder - Minimalist Phone
Martin Moravek

Awesome addition to toolkit

The user experience is intuitive and easy to navigate. An awesome addition to my toolkit.

Fahad Ahmad
Developer - Accenture
Fahad Ahmad

Makes job much easier

That’s great! It will make every designer and developer’s job so much easier 💪.

Laurentiu Stefan
Growth Marketer
Stefan Laurentiu

Very useful extension

Great work. As a developer, I can really say that this is a very useful extension.

Rishabh Kanojiya
Developer - Fynd
Rishabh Kanojiya

Going to love this

Developers and designers are going to love this!

Shushant Lakhyani
Founder - Digital Disruptor
Shushant Lakhyani

Can replace multiple tools

Wow, this looks cool, it can actually replace multiple tools I use. Thank you!

Jose Gutierrez
Product Manager - Hostt
Jose Gutierrez

I love this extension

I love this extension! It’s super handy, especially being able to download images and whatnot.

Liv Tubby
Software Consultant - Ikbi Inc
Liv Tubby

Extremely useful

Extremely useful features for me as a designer. Great job!

Amir Equbal
Founder - Basira Studio
Amir Equbal

Life saver for coders

The extension is a life saver and would improve dramatically production times for developers and coders. I use it daily and purchased the PRO for this reason.

Fabrizio Spanu
Founder - Digital Fastmind
Fabrizio Spanu

Super user-friendly

Wow, this is a super user-friendly widget for designers! Can’t tell you how much UI/UX designers hate using the browser console.

Biro Florin
Founder - Goos.ly
Biro Florin

Very useful for nerds

I am so excited to use this. It looks great and is very useful for us nerds.

Luke Eischen
Founder - MagicFortune
Luke Eischen

Like the way it works

A really potent tool for designers and developers, I really like the way it works.

Radu Tudosescu
Growth - Promocrat
Radu Tudosescu

Whole toolkit in the browser

Promising! With all its features, it’s like having a whole toolkit right in your browser.

Johannes Frank
Founder | Creator
Johannes Frank

Such a great tool

Such a great tool that everyone should have.

David Kocsis
Founder | Guru Muscle
David Kocsis

Great extension for devs

Great extension for frontend devs. Page ruler is an amazing feature.

Ahmad Hassan
Founder - Kaksha.live
Ahmad Hassan

Transformed browsing

It’s packed with features that make my life much easier and more efficient.

Aryan Khan
Developer - LineupX
Aryan Khan

Quite handy tool

Quite handy tool! Picking colors and Text Edit are my favorites :)

Ramiro Guerrero
Software Engineer - Zoe
Ramiro Guerrero

Nice addition to toolbelt

A nice addition to a developer or designer’s toolbelt. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will definitely get some value from this.

Micah Odell
Developer - Orr Fellow
Micah Odell

Awesome plugin

This plugin is awesome and really easy to use.

Mohammad Omar
Design Lead - Gurucool
Mohammad Omar

I use it every day

I use SuperDev Pro every day. I don’t need to install other extensions because some use cases are already included in SuperDev Pro.

Muaz Faris
Growth Marketing Consultant
Muaz Faris

Makes design work easier

Love SuperDev Pro! It’s like a cool website stealer for designers. My team loves it - makes design work way easier.

Khalid Nizami
Founder - iGrid Creative Works
Khalid Nizami

Pay Once, Use Forever

Start saving your time now and build beautiful websites faster, trusted by web developers and designers from 35+ countries.

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5 Licenses Get 60% Off
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7-Day Refund Policy
1 Key, 30 Active Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Not found what you are looking for? Please contact us.

Will it work on my website?

SuperDev Pro is a browser extension, which means it can be used on any website, regardless of the frameworks, plugins, libraries, or themes used.

Will it work on my browser?

SuperDev Pro is designed to be compatible with Chrome 101+, Edge 101+, and Brave 1.38+, as well as other chromium-based browsers.

Will I receive updates?

We update SuperDev Pro 2-4 times a month. This includes improvements to the current product and the introduction of new features.

Do you have a documentation?

We have a detailed documentation on SuperDev Pro. Do remember to visit our docs ↗ website to get the most out of our tool.

Do you offer a refund?

We have a 7-day no-question-asked refund policy on all our plans. If you would like to initiate a refund, contact us with your purchase email.

Is there any device limit?

We allow up to three devices, browsers, or browser profiles per license. You can remove old devices anytime if you have reached the activation limit.

I lost my license key?

We recommend searching your email first. Otherwise, you can always contact us with your purchase email, and we will be happy to help.

Do you collect our data?

We do not collect or store any data on our website, your browser, or our servers except for your payment-related details and the license key.

Do you sell bulk licenses?

You can buy five, ten, twenty, or any other custom quantity you need to fit your needs, all at bulk discounts. If you are interested, contact us.

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