Feature 101: Delete or Hide Elements

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Choudhary Abdullah
Choudhary Abdullah
Founder - SuperDev Pro

Experimenting with different design structures by removing certain elements is important for creating effective and engaging user interfaces. However, visualizing the impact of removing certain elements from a webpage can be cumbersome, often requiring complex code changes or back-and-forth with design tools. That’s where the Delete Element feature of SuperDev Pro comes to the rescue.

The Usual Problem

Have you ever felt the need to see how a webpage would look without a particular element, such as a sidebar, banner, or pop-up? Traditionally, this would involve editing the site’s code or using developer tools, which can be time-consuming and requires a refresh for each change. The Delete Element feature simplifies this process, allowing you to delete or hide elements instantly to see how these modifications affect the overall layout and user experience, without permanent changes or the need for complex tools.

Possible Use Cases

  • Client Demonstrations: Present different design options to clients by interactively hiding or showing elements during a meeting, facilitating immediate feedback and collaborative decision-making.
  • Educational Tool: Educators can use this feature to teach web design and usability principles, demonstrating how the presence or absence of certain elements can impact user experience and webpage effectiveness.
  • Debugging: Ever feel overwhelmed by a website’s cluttered design? Temporarily remove elements like sidebars, banners, or ads to assess the visual impact of your design changes and create a more streamlined user experience.
  • Content Focus: Analyzing website content can be challenging with distracting elements. Use the Delete Element feature to remove sidebars, pop-ups, or other non-essential elements. This allows you to focus solely on the main content, improving your understanding of its structure and hierarchy.
  • Troubleshooting: Struggling to pinpoint the cause of a layout issue? Simply hide elements one by one to isolate the source of the problem. This helps you identify and fix bugs efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort.

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Excellent addition to toolkit

The user experience is intuitive and easy to navigate. An excellent addition to my toolkit.

Fahad Ahmad
Developer - Accenture
Review By Fahad Ahmad

Makes job much easier

That’s great! It will make every designer and developer’s job so much easier 💪.

Laurentiu Stefan
Growth Marketer
Review By Stefan Laurentiu

Awesome Plugin

This plugin is awesome and really easy to use.

Mohammad Omar
Design Lead - Gurucool
Review By Mohammad Omar

Quite handy tool

Quite handy tool! Picking colors and Text Edit are my favorites :)

Ramiro Guerrero
Stories - QuillSt
Review By Ramiro Guerrero

Going to love this

Developers and designers are going to love this!

Shushant Lakhyani
Founder - Digital Disruptor
Review By Shushant Lakhyani

Can replace multiple tools

Wow, this looks cool, it can actually replace multiple tools I use. Thank you!

Jose Gutierrez
Product Manager - Hostt
Review By Jose Gutierrez

Extremely useful

Extremely useful features for me as a designer. Great job!

Amir Equbal
Founder - Basira Studio
Review By Amir Equbal

Life saver for coders

The extension is a life saver and would improve dramatically production times for developers and coders. I use it daily and purchased the PRO for this reason.

Fabrizio Spanu
Founder - Digital Fastmind
Review By Fabrizio Spanu

Super user-friendly

Wow, this is a super user-friendly widget for designers! Can’t tell you how much UI/UX designers hate using the browser console.

Biro Florin
Founder - Goos.ly
Review By Biro Florin

Very useful for nerds

I am so excited to use this. It looks great and is very useful for us nerds.

Luke Eischen
Founder - MagicFortune
Review By Luke Eischen

Like the way it works

A really potent tool for designers and developers, I really like the way it works.

Radu Tudosescu
Growth - Promocrat
Review By Radu Tudosescu

Whole toolkit in the browser

Promising! With all its features, it’s like having a whole toolkit right in your browser.

Johannes Frank
Founder | Creator
Review By Johannes Frank

Great extension for developers

Great extension for frontend developers. Page ruler is an amazing feature.

Ahmad Hassan
Developer - Polygon
Review By Ahmad Hassan

Awesome addition to toolbelt

An awesome addition to a developer or designer’s toolbelt. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will definitely get some value from this.

Micah Odell
Developer - Orr Fellow
Review By Micah Odell

Very useful extension

Great work. As a developer, I can really say that this is a very useful extension.

Rishabh Kanojiya
Developer - Fynd
Review By Rishabh Kanojiya

Love this tool

Love this tool! As a developer, I must have tried it and it is awesome.

Martin Moravek
Founder - Minimalist Phone
Review By Martin Moravek

Transformed browsing

It’s packed with features that make my life much easier and more efficient.

Aryan Khan
Developer - LineupX
Review By Aryan Khan

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